Seller's Disclaimer

We make every effort to present the true color of our glitter. However, color of actual product may vary depending on the material, camera and monitor used to view.

The seller cannot guarantee zero cross contamination due to the manufacturing and packaging process. Products are manufactured in a factory with other product lines and there is occasional cross contamination. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that the product is free of random particles prior to use.  Please inspect your product while transferring it from the bag to permanent storage container.

Our glitter is not for consumption or cosmetic use. Manufacturer recommends glitter for use in craft products, nail art and tumblers.  Our glitter is Non-toxic, polyester/PET and solvent resistant per manufacturer unless listed otherwise in item description.  

Once our product is purchased and received it is the buyer's responsibility to use the product correctly to ensure optimal outcome. Misuse of the products will not result in money-back or exchange.