Cry Me a Glitter, LLC is owned and operated by Jace Clark.  I love bright colors and all things sparkly! I developed a love for glitter while making glittered tumblers. Selling glitter is a full time venue for me and I am ecstatic for this new adventure!

What sets us apart? 

• solvent resistant 

UV resistant

• composed of high-quality polyester 

• able to withstand high temperatures

• Polyester glitter lays flatter than craft glitter on projects

• 1 pound covers 100 square foot compared to 14 square foot for craft glitters.

• Many of our glitters are made in the USA

• Sparkle that CAN'T be beat


• Tumbler Design

• Glitter Nail Art Design

• Resin projects such as Key Chains & Jewelry

• Stationery & Card Design Embellishments

• Kid Crafting & Slime

• Candle Making

• Mixed Media

Like and follow us on Facebook at fb.me/Crymeaglitter. Make sure to join our Facebook group for live sales, promotions and other exciting news. Follow us on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/crymeaglitterllc/ .  

Happy Crafting!!